Yala Township Ward;Nurturing Care Visit.
The First Lady Siaya H.E Rosella Rasanga,Patron Nurturing Care,gifting a caregiver with nutritious Rice during a ward visit in Yala Township Ward,Siaya County.

Yala Township Ward;Nurturing Care Visit.

Did you know that Nurturing Care is a necessity for a child’s optimal growth?

During our Visit to Yala township ward, Bar Sauri, Siaya County, residents were sensitized on this. It Refers to a stable environment created by parents and other caregivers that ensures children’s good health and nutrition, protects them from threats, and gives young children opportunities for early learning, through interactions that are emotionally supportive and responsive.

The male got encouraged to be supportive to their spouses and be involved in the child’s upbringing.

Adequate balanced diet is key in the wisdom and child’s good academic performance.

Good morals and peaceful parenting are milestones in a child’s growth to be an upright person.

Young ones need good care through timely vaccination and registration at birth.

The first lady encouraged each one to be champions of nurturing care and thanked everyone for attending, she gifted nutritious rice to the mothers /caregivers present as a way of a supplement to the good nutrition.

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