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The First 1000 Days are Critical in Brain Development!

Smart Start Siaya is continuing with the Male champions sensitization. This time had a group from Rarieda and Bondo Sub-counties brought in for a two days forum.

Smart Start Siaya-Nyathi en Mwandu Campaign seeks to raise awareness amongst Siaya Caregivers on the importance of a child’s first 1000 days from 0-3 years,where the brain is in its critical stage.

Its clear that If we are to succeed in ensuring the children have good start in life,then the men have to be brought on board in championing for the best practices in the Nurturing Care for ECD.

During the meeting,Teen pregnancy emerged as a blow to the best practices in taking care of the children as it leads to having the children not planned for and therefore no optimal care and a chance to thrive.
It was also noted that a number of men apart form providing the basics for their children,some men are now getting active and consistent in the responsive care giving which is commendable.
However,with rising numbers of teen pregnancies and also the need for proper Nurturing care,there is need therefore of strengthening judicial,police,political,religious,education, social and all kinds of leaderships’ commitment at national ,county,sub county,ward and community levels and getting everyone else into the journey of mitigating the early pregnancies and ensuring no one is left behind if we are to realize a fruitful development of every child.
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