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Led by H.E Rosella Rasanga, First Lady-Siaya County, ECD Patron ,we visited Sigomere ward in Siaya county and had a spot check at Sigomere Sub-County hospital.
Our aim was to assess the level and progress of Nurturing Care for ECD implementation in the hospital and its records. We were also interested on ideas of doing it with benefits to the young one’s development.
We were joined by National Government administrative officers(NGAO), Office of the MCA, Community health Volunteers, ChildFund Kenya (who are our partners in nurturing care), Health providers in the facility. We went around all the departments in the facility just to observe what’s going on there, noting the gaps and settling on possible remedies.
We sensitized the caregivers on the best practices of nurturing care which aims at potential thriving of the children.


The NGAO representatives assured cooperation in this move. North Uholo Chief Mr. Gerald Opondo sited teen pregnancies as the setback in this journey and highlighted the challenges of lack of disclosure of the perpetrators by the parents as the cases fail being reported to them hence difficulty in identifying the culprits.
He suggested that the parents/guardians and the Health facilities need to come out and avail the reports of such births so that the culprits are brought to book, this shall teach others a lesson. Disco Matangas had been banned by the County commissioner to reduce on the cases of young and unplanned parenthood,The Chief committed their efforts to curb this too.
Mr Sylvester Assistant Chief of Tingare East brought the need for abandoning retrogressive cultures saying it needs to be eradicated as it encourages irresponsible care giving/parenting. Laws to curb the menace was noted as another way of improving on the well being of the children.
Assistant Chief from East Uholo on his view requested for collaboration in working together with all players/practitioners in the nurturing care for a positive impact.
The CHVs through their lead Mrs. Grace Lelo promised to up their commitment as outreach/ household visitors for the benefits of the child.
The hospital through Ousborn, the Medical superintendent, promised that they shall do their best with the available facilities and improve on the uptake of the Nurturing care.
Mr. Vincent (Ward manager) who represented the Sigomere MCA confirmed they have been approached by the request to support the Sigomere sub county hospital for its renovations and equipping to ensure quality of services.
Their office will for this reason allocate some funds for the equipment such as Solar panels as an alternative sources power during black outs and a resuscitator for the facility.
ChildFund Kenya also plans to set up a community based child office in East Uholo to act as a safe space for victimized girls.
Through the spot check it was noted that the society is yearning for the information of nurturing care hence collaborated work and good will of the implementers shall see all this go well and the Siaya heroism to come back.
As smart start siaya we have a goal to promote integrated and coordinated approach for ECD services across all sectors through early stimulation and learning, engagement of community stakeholders and caregivers in Siaya County.
We hope for a county of children that are fully nurtured to develop to their full potential.

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