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Siaya Pick-Up transporters group Sensitized on Best practices in Nurturing Care

The Siaya pick up transporters group sensitized on male involvement in nurturing Care.

Children benefit in many ways if their dads are involved in their lives.

A positive father-child relationship can improve a child’s social skills, health and development. In addition, a healthy relationship between mom and dad makes it significantly more likely that a child will benefit from times spent with their dads.

This is the message we had for the Siaya pick up transporters when we joined them in a meeting to sensitize them on the fruits of a male involvement in nurturing care for Early Child development.

They were taken through the proper care and feeding for children and the importance of play and why men should be involved fully in the same. Nancy Juma, the project officer took them through the five components of the nurturing care: Adequate nutrition, responsive care-giving, safety and security, opportunity for early learning and good health, it came out really well and upon the interactive session, everyone resolved to do as required.

Beginning early in the child’s life from the time of conception to birth and after is an important obligation of which if the parents can uphold, there shall be a good foundation for the child’s optimal growth.

The transporters’ Chairman Mr. Nicholas Ouma suggested more of such meetings that shall help enlighten the men in the group on the benefits of collective effort in the life of a young ones.

We have plans underway for more of the same meetings so that the message sinks and we have a county nurturing Care Excellence.

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