• -Establishment of multisectoral committee
  • – Mobilized resources from donors.
    -Capacity building supported by partners.
    -Establishment of strategic partnership to development of training co-curriculum of ECD scievice.

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

With the help many partners who believe in our work,we work innovatively to achieve the set goals locally,nationally and globally.


Purposefully working in unity and as a team

Saving Lives

What we do is nothing but to safe lives in our communities


Communication,vision and mission statements are our guide trajectory


Every year we do monitoring and evaluation to gauge ourselves.

Child and Maternal health
saving lives in our Communities

For many years working together with KMET and other partners in Siaya County, we have reached out to deeper communities educating them and hold freeĀ  medical campsĀ 

Saved lives

Our Team

We are made up of diverse proffesionals and great leaders with our dedicated Doctors.