Universal support: Provided to everyone, through health promotion and primary prevention. It benefits all families, caregivers and children in a county. The core principle is that everybody is expected to benefit regardless of their risk or financial means.


Targeted support: Provided to families and children at risk with a focus on individuals or communities who are at risk of later problems because of factors such as poverty, under nutrition, disability, adolescent pregnancy, HIV, violence, displacement and humanitarian emergencies. The aim is to reduce the damaging effects of stress and deprivation, to strengthen individuals’ capacity to cope, and to provide extra help. These families also have access to universal support.


Indicated support: Provided to individual families or children who have additional needs. They include young children without caregivers, or with depressed mothers or violent homes, as well as children whose birth weight was very low, or who have disabilities, developmental difficulties or severe malnutrition. These children and families need extra services and assistance based on their identified needs.