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Model Caregivers in Health & Development Graduation Ceremony.

We had an opportunity attending a graduation ceremony for more than 200 model caregivers at ST. Anthony of Padua Institute of Technology-Lwak.

These caregivers have been successfully taken through care group and trained on child health and development.

Under a program dubbed i-MBC (Integrated mothers and Babies Course), implemented by our nurturing care partner CRS, the following are some of the gains:

  • Mothers have learned to get Antenatal Care and Postnatal Care which have seen an improvement on safe pregnancy, delivery and care of the young ones.
  • Male involvement have been boosted as the men now accompany their spouses to maternity and clinic visits; they have learned the responsive caregiving.
  • Mothers have got a lot of skills, through monitoring they can now have kitchen gardens and this have resulted to good, diversified, healthy and abundant nutrition hence mitigating the malnutrition.
  • Mothers have been encouraged to make local play materials and been encouraged to have play space .In facilities, lead mothers have been trained and are available for help in play with the children.

HON. Mary Olute (Education CEC County Government of Siaya) who was guest of honour lauded all these good work. She encouraged each person to join hand in the wellbeing of the children, eradicate early pregnancies, and educate girls; stressing that the child is for the society and it’s therefore everyone’s responsibility.

It’s important for everyone to do everything with their means to ensure that children are well nurtured to develop to their full potential

#Nyathi en Mwandu #Miye Mise Motegno Chon.


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