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Male involvement is key in Nurturing Care for ECD!

For every child to develop to full potential,the male have to be fully involved;apart from providing the needs,men should be fully available for an all round growth of the child.
This is the reason we have conducted a 2 days sensitization meeting for Male Champions drawn from Alego Usonga and Gem sub-counties on Nurturing Care for ECD; other 4 sub counties are in our schedule for the same as we are adhering to the COVID 19 protocols.
The meeting was officially opened by H.E¬†Rosella Rasanga who termed this as ‘a movement which involves leadership and that which makes/moulds brains to a software for a brighter future’.
Smart Start Siaya envisions a county where all the children are nurtured to develop to their full potential through the Male involvement.
With one voice,the champion in one accord agreed to take up the role ensuring every child is able to thrive to prosperity.

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