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Keep Your child safe

Keep the Children Safe from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted livelihoods and brought socio-economic consequences; plunging families, caregivers and children into hardships.
Children have been exposed to many dangerous conditions i.e. the rise in violence, exploitation and abuse that are derailing the efforts of ensuring a well nurtured generation.
This is the reason we are encouraging you to observe the safety and security of the children, maintain healthy lifestyles by protecting yourself and others through proper hand washing and hygiene practices among other set prevention measures.
Our children need to be kept learning since education in schools has been interrupted. Let them know why the current situation and practices and explain to them what they don’t understand on the ways lifestyle have changed due to this disease.
Always seek medication in the health facilities when sick, ANC and clinic visits should be done as usual despite this calamity ;since good health is important and remain so vital.
Let’s protect Children and the whole society against infections by upholding the Ministry of health and government’s set guidelines.

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