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Ideo.Org Final Brand Messaging and Campaign Strategy Meeting had a meeting with multisectoral committee and partners in nurturing care on final brand messaging and campaign strategy.

The is the lead organization in designing campaign messages for the nurturing care and is responsible for designing campaign toolkit to raise awareness for the best practices during the first 1000days of a child by caretakers’ campaign in siaya County. In so doing, it is working with key stakeholders within the county to design a campaign that resonates with the aspirations of the residents in as far as nurturing care for early childhood development is concerned.

This meeting comes after several others which entailed coming up with the understandable messages and after the synthesis of the campaign names and tagline generation interviews that was done by the

In this meeting, a final brand messaging was come up with and the campaign channels aligned. These strategies were seen to be key in this campaign.

  • Ambassadors e.g. the CHVs, Business owners, health practitioners etc.
  • print media e.g. Posters, Banners, wearables, learning aids etc.
  • Radio and television (interviews and features)
  • social media e.g. the boosted posts, paid posts, WhatsApp etc.
  • Press articles.
  • launch events and health consultations.

Other additional channels discussed in the meeting were through the global celebrations and conferences, bulk text messages with relevant content which would be used throughout the campaign period and the ring-back-tones with the nurturing care messages were also suggested

All the strategies were lauded and campaign launch is now scheduled for November 2019.

It will aim at reaching everybody in this county with the message of nurturing care and this shall see a siaya of healthy children, Children with optimal growth, Children with good Foundation.



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