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Good health very key in Mothers’ and Children’s Wellbeing

#GOODHEALTH. Seeking care and appropriate treatment for your child is very key in the Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development. The services and interventions on this component include: Immunization for mothers and children. Prevention and cessation of smoking, alcohol and substance use more so during pregnancy. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Support for caregivers’ mental health Antenatal and childbirth care. Prevention of preterm births. Essential care for new-born babies, with extra care for small and sick babies Kangaroo care for low-birth weight babies Support for timely and appropriate care seeking for sick children. Integrated management of childhood illness Early detection of disabling conditions(such as problems with sight and hearing) Care for children with developmental difficulties and disabilities. These are so important in ensuring that the children develop to their full potential.#NyathienMwandu#MiyeMiseMotegnoChon#SmartStartSiaya

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