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Smart start Siaya campaign was mooted in April 2018 as part of the commitment by leadership of Siaya County to scale up Early Childhood Development Initiative in the country.Amongst the pioneer leadership team that went to Harvard was H .E the Governor Rasanga, coordinate for RMNCH, PATH, KMET,Hilton Foundation.

Smart start Siaya basically targets every child bellow the age of 5 years to ensure that they receive Nurturing care with the aim of having every child remain developmentally on freak.    

Core values

  • Accountability and Responsibility.
  • Integrity.(Ensuring  that we all work together to protect children from abuse (way calls for our interest,and ensure they are protected.
  • Leadership (showing the way)
  • Innovation.

 Foundation Deals with –

  •  Promoting Nurturing care for Early childhood development
  • Strengthening political leadership
  • Joint planning in performing reviews.
  • Strengthening political leadership.
  • Joint planning in performance reviews.
  • Strengthening multisectoral ECD coordination.
  • Supporting creation of an enabling policy management.
  • Training of treat line service provides in Nurturing care,parents (parenting education).
  • Designing and conducting Nurturing care 
  • Supporting documents of case studies and promoting innovations in delivery of Early Childhood Services.


A county in which every child is healthy.


  • To promote child well being through Nurturing care.
  • To improve Nurturing care practices and early learning through a system based Approach. (Strong political leadership, Early Childhood Coordination resource allocation then ECD will improve).
  • Health provides.
  • ECD instructors.
  • Roll out multifasitated communication campaign, care giving practice will improve.
  • Improve responsive care giving practice and early learning practices children will be ready to learn.


  • GOK, CGS,COG, Conard,Hilton Foundation, Bernard Vanleer
  • PATH      KMET      CRS      Amref      CHS   Medic mobile      AgaKhan University        WHO
  • Plan International        Care Kenya



Strategic   Leadership Team

H.E Cornel Rasanga Amoth      RMCH Coordination Dr Elizabeth Omondi        PATH Oscar Kadenge    (WHO) Dr Martin Chubby        Frey Matthew        Lisa Bombs

H.E Cornel Rasanga Amoth

"Governor Siaya County.”

Lisa Bombs

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